fungal amylase increases the volume and extensibility, alpha fungal amylase, protease free, modification of gluten, extends bread shelf lif and improves crust's colour
proteinase, pentosanases easier kneading of dough, increased extensibility, very effective modification of gluten, can be a substitute for metabisulfite
pentosanases easier processing of the dough, increased extensibility, the structure of crumb, volume, pentosanases without protease of high activity. Source: Trichoderma. Reduces the viscosity of the dough. Can be used in bread improvers.
maltase/AMG volume and colour of the crust, increases the level of available glucose, suitable for rye bread and dough with a low sugar content, improved shelf
alpha-amylase (α-amylase) easier kneading of dough, extensibility, crumb structure, volume, special amylase for French bread, universal bread improver, also for frozen dough
alpha-amylase (α-amylase), xylanase, amyloglucosidase increases water absorption, whitens crumb, increases the volume of baking, extends freshness
glucose oxidase for flour with a low falling number (too strong amylase), improves the strength of the dough, crumb structure and texture of the bread, substitutes bromate
lipase whitens bread crumb, removes the problem of "red baking and sticky crumb", increased volume
non-pathogenic, genetically unmodified variety of protease weakens hygroscopicity; extends spreadability; for the production of cakes, biscuits, wafers; easier processing of dough, increased extensibility; very efficient modification of gluten
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