Can production of flour become a pleasure?
Do you want to eat healthy bread without chemical additives?

YOU can make – when you provide flour of very good baking capacity, the baker will not add any baking improvers (i.e. chemicals) to his bread.

Enzymatic preparations are not CHEMISTRY
Those are proteins, which die at temperatures above 80°C. In bakery products made of (flour + enzymatic additives) only your improved and chemicals free flour is left, keeping its constant and high quality of baking

Adding enzyme preparations to the flour provides the following:
flour reaches high water absorption (approx. 80%),
your flour becomes whiter and bread crumb gets brighter,
confectioner does not need to use bromate and metabisulfites,
flour gets continuous very good baking ability,
bread is nicely overgrown with a thin crispy crust of cubes.

We help and advise how to make flour for:
frozen pies, pizza, dumplings,
wafers, cookies, biscuits, scones,
manufacture of macaroni,
French bread, eg. baguettes,

We advise how to cope with the flour, which:
has too small or too large spreadability,
has low or high falling number,
has too weak or too strong gluten.

We offer:
bakery sets (enzymatic sets)
technical solutions for the milling industry
baking reports
information on enzymes
product oriented recipes of flour production

We offer SLEEVES::
to sifters,
jet filters,
aspiration containers,
and other unusual and necessary for the production of
or the transportation of flour

Each product has ISO quality certificate, and is finished with a machine triple stitch sewing.

Sleeves may be:
with or without rings (metal rim),
looping or with the bottom,
with cuffs or trimmed only,
cuffs may be: with the cords, with a rubber band,

Technical fabrics in meters for sewing sleeves yourself are in the offer.
We have a full range of technical fabrics and non-wovens for each type of sleeves. We make the most complex and unusual orders.

alpha-amylase (α-amylase), xylanase, amyloglucosidase increases water absorption, whitens crumb, increases the volume of baking, extends freshness
fungal amylase increases the volume and extensibility
protease cuts too long chemical bonds, to be used for flour of large spreadability
amylase, pentosanases enhances effect of gluten, universal improver
glucose oxidase increases the volume, improves the taste, the bread does not crumble, replaced bromate
glucose oxidase for flour with a low falling number (too strong amylase), improves the strength of the dough, crumb structure and texture of the bread, substitutes bromate
non-pathogenic, genetically unmodified variety of protease weakens hygroscopicity; extends spreadability; for the production of cakes, biscuits, wafers; easier processing of dough, increased extensibility; very efficient modification of gluten
pentosanases easier processing of the dough, increased extensibility, the structure of crumb, volume, pentosanases without protease of high activity. Source: Trichoderma. Reduces the viscosity of the dough. Can be used in bread improvers.
proteinase, pentosanases easier kneading of dough, increased extensibility
maltase/AMG increases volume and intensifies colour of the crust
alpha-amylase (α-amylase) easier kneading of dough, extensibility, crumb structure, volume
lipase whitens bread crumb, removes the problem of "red baking and sticky crumb", increased volume
bacterial protease easier kneading of dough, increased extensibility
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